Leroy Bennett, Dartmouth, NS

We were looking to have a large retaining wall installed at our property and had a few contractors out to look at the project but we didn’t feel comfortable with them completing the work. When Richard, from Cedar Landscaping and Excavation, came to our property to discuss the project we appreciated the knowledge and experience he brought to the table. His quote was a little higher than the others, but he walked us through every step of the process and made us feel at ease. As the job progressed, we understood the higher price, we did not appreciate the time and labor that was required for this job to be completed. The wall has been installed for 3 years now and it continues to look like it did the day it was installed.


Doug Miller, Miller Architects

This past fall we hired Cedar Landscaping to tackle a serious water drainage problem that we had building up in our company parking lot. Every winter this 8 car lot would turn into a dangerous sheet of ice caused by a natural surface aquifer located on the property. Cedar Landscaping designed and implemented a series of French-drains that redirected the water away from the drive way. This past winter was the first year where there was no ice build-up in the driveway what so ever. A great relief!

We heartily recommend Cedar Landscaping for your drainage problems. Their experience in dealing with such problems was evident from the very start.


Jackie Patrick, Windsor Junction, NS

Richard knows his stuff – and is all about Quality!! We are so grateful that he took the time to ask the; who, what, when, why, how we wanted our backyard to service us. Nobody else did. Could we afford to do it all now? No, but over the next 3 years – we have a plan. At least now we know we don’t have to keep ripping out what we did every year previous because we don’t have a vision. He saved us a lot frustration and money. The Patio looks awesome – we are getting ALOT of compliments. We know it is NEVER going to heave (we’ve seen how much dirt he took out and how much gravel he put in – tons!!) Next year we are putting in a new front walkway and then a Fish Pond.



You helped us considerably as we began the landscaping efforts when we moved into our new-build back in 2008. Starting with just a bit of dirt and a lot of rock, you reworked our driveway, put in a front walkway, added some ‘city grass’, and a stone patio with retaining wall in the back. We appreciate your expertise, attention to detail, and the hard work that was required to properly transform these areas into something we could use and enjoy. The quality of the work ensures that it will stand the test of time. Nothing is going to move or fall down… All is good! Thanks and keep up the good work!


Bill MacGregor, Dartmouth, NS

My wife and I hired Cedar Landscaping to excavate 27 post holes for our deck. We were delighted with Cedar’s expertise, persistence and dedication to detail. All work was done very well. When it came time to back fill the sonotubes, Cedar did an excellent job. Their workers were skilled, polite, helpful and very aware of our small children. We have more landscaping to do, and intend to hire Cedar Landscaping.


Brian S., Bedford, NS

I want to start by thanking you for doing such a wonderful job on our yard. We had such a major water problem that we were never able to enjoy our backyard. The Cedar crew came in and described everything that had to be done to resolve the problem. They were able to get rid of the water issue and at the same time built us an amazing patio.