Natural Stone Steps

Cedar Landscaping is choice for artistically created custom stone steps and staircases. Whether you’re searching for a stone masonry contractor to replace an old set of masonry steps and stoop or construct a whole new design, we will handle your project flawlessly. We have seen countless front entranceway steps and stoops, patios and stairs which have settled over the years. ¬†Usually the problem lies in the concrete footing or lack of. We will inspect the situation and give you the advice necessary to make a wise decision in building it correctly the second and final time. We always drill and dowel steel rebar into the home’s foundation and pour a commercial grade concrete footing/ slab. Than we will construct the new set of steps, stairs and stoop according to a new design or a replication of the existing structure. Our Steps and staircases can be constructed of stone or brick and can incorporate our stone artistry in our beautiful designs.