Are you insured?

Yes we are insured. We have a general liability policy through Bell and Grant with $2,000,000 liability coverage.


What training/experience does your staff have?

Our staff has a wide range of experiences. The company owner, Richard Bowman, has 20 years of experience in the landscaping industry. We also participate in training sessions provided by our suppliers to ensure we are installing materials to the proper specifications as set out by the manufacturer.


Can our job be done In stages?

Yes, your job can be divided into a number of different stages. We understand that it isn’t always financially reasonable to landscape your entire property all at once. We often do a job over a number of years, first installing the most needed hardscape and later adding gardens, plants, etc.


What kind of warranty do you offer?

We guarantee our hardscape installation against heaving and settling for 3 years, for retaining walls 5 years. Plant material we offer a one year replacement guarantee for customers. Should any problems such as breaking of bricks or settling of interlock take place within the warranty period, we will repair/rebuild as necessary. Settling or heaving from water flow whose direction was altered after completion of the job, will not be repaired free of charge. Our guarantee protects your investment and ensures it will look good and be functional for a long time.


What do you use for base materials and how deep do you make it?

Walkway and patio bases are 7 inches deep, this includes 6 inches class A gravel and 1 inch of crusher dust.


Do you subcontract work?

We prefer to avoid dealing with subcontractors since all too often the lines of communication become weak when the customer is not dealing directly with the installer.


Can you provide references?

We will happily provide references upon request. We can also provide a list of satisfied customers that you may contact at your convenience.


Do I have to worry about waterlines?

Halifax Water Commission will come to your house free of charge and mark the location of your waterline.



What distinguishes you from other landscaping companies?

We have integrity, will not push our work, are not overly aggressive salespeople, and understand what our customers want. Most importantly, we do quality work!


Why would the average person need to hire a landscape contractor?

You should consider a contractor to ensure the job is done according to standards. Some landscape jobs require a massive amount of labor and machinery. Our expertise in all facets of landscape design and construction ensure the job is done properly the first time


If I have the materials, what is your hourly/daily labour rate?

Our standard labour rate is $50 per hour or $1,500 per day. This rate provides landscape foreman and 2 labourers, all standard hand tools, power tools, use of saws and compaction equipment and a skid steer. In situations where different amounts of manpower or types of equipment are required (such as an excavator, etc.) individual rates can be calculated.


Why is your quote higher than the ones from other contractors?

Generally quotations among reputable companies are similar. We all shop at the same places and costing is very competitive. Make sure that the competition is estimating apples to apples. The biggest reason that pricing between companies differs is underestimation of your needs. We strive to make sure we have anticipated the work load of your residence correctly, and price the job accordingly. If the competitor’s estimate is substantially lower, they have most likely missed something.


Why is landscaping so expensive?

Landscaping involves a lot of hard, physical work and a good skill set is required to complete even a basic project. We need to have many different types of tools and equipment to complete our work. Please keep in mind what you are having installed, If you live on a large property and are having a custom yard installed with lots of features, it will add up.


Can I order materials to save money?

We prefer to source all our material ourselves. When we select a product we want to make sure it is best suited for the particulars of the job. Because of the relationships with our suppliers, we are able to ensure the materials can be picked up/delivered when we need them.


Can I make a change to the project once it has started?

If there is something you want to change during construction, we will make an effort to accommodate you. Please keep in mind, not all things can be changed easily and there may be additional costs associated with the changes.